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Wired and Wireless Networking Help

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In-house [local] Networking Performance starts where your cable or phone line enters your house or office and finishes on your screen - as your web page, local network or remote document displays. There are lots of bits & bytes in-between.

There are ways to improve your computer’s network performance. Like most other digital systems, it does need to be set up correctly at the foundation & can also need a 'tune-up’ after new devices have been added. Hint: You local DSL, Cable or Application Vendor's support techs. are probably not your best go-to network analysts here. Why? Because it’s not their core competency!

If you’ve got anywhere from 2 to 200 computers or devices or people on your computer network and need to improve performance and/or productivity then we'd love to help. We will save you time, we will save you money and your satisfaction is guaranteed! We love to help improve Windows Servers and Domain Infrastructure.

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Network stability starts with your Network Interfaces all talking the same language & communicating over pre-agreed protocols. For fast & reliable networks that perform better - call us today!


Network Security is not always the same as Privacy but… Security & Privacy on the Internet are both pretty much non-existent. That said, your Local Network’s Security is another issue entirely!


One way to improve the performance of your local network is to use 1Mbps Network Cards, Hubs & Switches. The best way to improve your Internet performance is to use a custom Hosts file!

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